i think my bangarang cd got sold with my old car because i forgot it in the cd player i hope whoever bought the car enjoys it because i’ll never enjoy it again



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Jack U @ Ultra Music Festival 2014 – Day 3   | Rukes.com
Anonymous: Please stop thinking being fat is okay. You're killing yourself and settings a bad example for people. You are not cute there is nothing cute about being fat. You are just a fat queer wanna be guy that needs to learn when stop eating

why would i stop thinking being fat is okay when it is okay? how am i setting a bad example, dear anon? telling people that there’s nothing wrong with their body no matter what society (and very rude people like you) try to tell them? spreding love and positivity is definitely NOT setting a bad example. what IS a bad example is people like you going around telling people they aren’t allowed to be happy and love themselves because they don’t meet your standards. setting a bad example is you telling someone they need to stop eating in order to be accepted and beautiful. you do not control how i feel. you cannot tell me i am not beautiful because of my body. i am fat. i am beautiful. i am cute. i am sexy. i am handsome. i am smart. i am talented. i am happy. i deserve more than to be degraded and spat on for being fat and for actually loving and accepting myself. oh, and being fat is VERY cute. i don’t see how that can even be thought. i mean have you been on chubby-bunnies and seen all the adorable chub that’s on there? and of course i am a fat genderqueer boy! but i’m also a fat genderqueer girl. i am wonderfully fluid in my gender so i have no reason to want to be something i already am! i really hope you find peace and happiness in your life and resolve the issues you are taking out on me ❤️

atrate: no you don't UNDERSTAND you're the cutest person ive ever seen idr why i stopped following you but how stupid of me

aww thank you so much you’re such a little sweetheart! i changed my url and blogging style for awhile until i realized it was stupid and this blog will always be dedicated to my love for sonny so it was probably during my weird url and blogging style change which is completely understandable! 😊💕
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